the danyelle creator

Danielle DiNunzio

Danielle DiNunzio is the Creative Director and Founder of the DANYELLE brand. She is a passionate Italian, Australian shoe designer based in Jalisco, Mexico who is redefining the face of conventional fashion by launching stylishly sustainable footwear. She is continuously inspired by universal arts, cultures, and societies. She strongly believes in the power of positive change and supports the concepts of slow fashion and conscious consumption.

With her brand as a fashion game-changer, DiNunzio trusts that its genuine message can improve the quality of life for local communities and beyond. The brand’s drive is to fight against fast fashion standards by offering high-quality, innovative shoes created with a responsible production approach. Her shoe ideas are generated with a focus on the earth’s benefit which stands as the why behind what she and her brand aim to accomplish.


The DANYELLE brand stands for:

Social progress
Economical ethics
Careful resourcing
Sensible sourcing
Creative solutions

Dinunzio is advancing fashion in

a realistic direction

The DANYELLE brand seeks to support social programs, communities, and local businesses worldwide by partnering with various organizations to create special connections with each of them and consistently support their mission to enhance social and economic development to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

International travel has given Danielle DiNunzio a fresh perspective on the daily difficulties and challenges many of those in need face daily. Rather than simply seeing individuals struggle and forgetting about what she has witnessed, DiNunzio has pledged to transform the lives of those she has seen face hardships with the DANYELLE brand. Since moving to Mexico, DiNunzio has experienced the drastic difference between privileged communities and third-world sectors of the country and has gained an understanding of what changes must take place for improvement.