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DANYELLE’s Divergence

The contrast between the fast fashion industry and the slow fashion movement is like night and day and proves an apparent gap throughout the clothing manufacturing niche, putting unfashionable truths on display. The harsh reality is that the fast fashion industry’s production surplus afflicts the earth in major ways like sending microplastics from waste bins […]


Welcome to DANYELLE DIARIES, the official blog for THE DANYELLE BRAND that covers relevant topics such as fashion, wellness, travel, and charity. With one interesting and educative blog post posted per week, the goal is to inform readers about important themes that offer them a greater sense of awareness and help them expand their knowledge […]


To all my friends and family that know me as Danielle, I am also a creative, a designer, a fearless visionary, lover of the earth, its elements, and people, and a proud brand owner of THE DANYELLE BRAND. Much more than a simple logo or a mere trademark for my distinct footwear, my brand is […]