Author: Danielle DiNunzio

The Wonders of a Wellness Routine

As an ever-active businesswoman, Danielle DiNunzio maintains a wellness routine essential to her everyday life. Without such healthy habits, DiNunzio would not be the dynamic dreamer, creator, or designer she is today. Wellness is a daily responsibility for her as she continuously prioritizes her energy and productivity levels. To help others understand the importance of […]

The Conscious Cause for Sustainable Change

The motive behind DANYELLE was birthed when Danielle found herself in Jalisco, Mexico during the global lockdown due to the pandemic. As an artist by nature and the proud Creative Director and Founder of the DANYELLE brand, Danielle DiNunzio has endured a multitude of obstacles; but through inextinguishable self-love, courage and determination, she has made […]

What you need to know about plant-based leathers

If you want to slip on sustainable luxury straight from the runways of Milan, consider plant-based cactus leather. It was chosen for many of DANYELLE’s signature designs because it is soft and durable while also being environmentally friendly. After debuting at Italian fashion houses, Mexican-sourced cactus leather is gaining status among fashionistas worldwide.