To all my friends and family that know me as Danielle, I am also a creative, a designer, a fearless visionary, lover of the earth, its elements, and people, and a proud brand owner of THE DANYELLE BRAND. Much more than a simple logo or a mere trademark for my distinct footwear, my brand is a symbol of what is possible when you believe in yourself and never cease to dream. My brand is a beam of inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment for the planet and humanity – it is a reflection of me, my values, and my heart for the world to become better through compassion and genuine acts of kindness. 

Through sincere sacrifice, endless hours of creation, and consistent collaboration with my team THE DANYELLE BRAND has become reality. Since September of 2020, I have been actively establishing my business and brand in Jalisco, Mexico. I have religiously devoted myself to launching DANYELLE as an eco-friendly footwear brand created to support sustainable fashion and underprivileged communities. With my signature TRAVEL SLYDES made of genuine and cactus leather materials, a made to order production process, and 50% of every sale donated directly to my brand’s partnering foundations who work to uplift the earth and humanity, DANYELLE is dedicated to making sensational change for the greater good of all.  

The brand’s objective is to flip the fast fashion scene with a slow fashion approach, savoring every element of earth to achieve a zero-waste world, one step at a time. For me, it’s not the dollar, it’s the difference – my brand exists to suit consumers’ styles while enabling them with opportunities to give back so others in need can benefit. Through DANYELLE’s website, I can educate consumers on the conventional fashion industry, consciousness consumerism, and the positive differences being made by the brand’s worldwide collaborations with extraordinary non-profit organizations that help the earth and humankind.  

Amid the global pandemic, such trials transformed my life into a catalyst for change, turning my many passions into an incredible career. In the middle of all the chaos, I refused to let doubt or fear swarm my mind and mission. I chose to combine all my experience and condition it into knowledge, a promising path I have proudly walked since the initial launch of my brand nearly a decade ago, holding onto dear life just to witness my ideas blossom for the best.   

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