The Conscious Cause for Sustainable Change

The motive behind DANYELLE was birthed when Danielle found herself in Jalisco, Mexico during the global lockdown due to the pandemic.

As an artist by nature and the proud Creative Director and Founder of the DANYELLE brand, Danielle DiNunzio has endured a multitude of obstacles; but through inextinguishable self-love, courage and determination, she has made her dream a reality.

Unlike the fashion industry’s big names, the DANYELLE difference is derived from its mission to form a more fair, equal, accessible world for everyone to prosper, regardless of their societal status or background.

After much contemplation and planning, she developed the brand’s business plan – to provide a solution to the surrounding poverty and sustainability strain caused by industrial overproduction and pollution.

The brand’s purpose was initiated by DiNunzio’s heart for humanitarianism and environmental friendliness, determined to demonstrate human compassion and planet kindness through her creative eye for fashion. Amid the pandemic, DiNunzio witnessed families without food or fresh drinking water and was stirred to make a difference in the lives of those in need throughout the local community.

Additionally, she made eco-friendly efforts in her production process to create a plant-based fashion line (the Cactus Collection) to utilize the earth’s renewable resources and reduce waste.

DANYELLE is a designer brand operating beyond a profit pursuit. It actively supports the welfare of humanity and the planet through its foundation, The (Y) Society.

By contributing 50% of every purchase to its foundation, the nonprofit works as an outreach for those in need and a partner to fellow foundations that do good for the planet and its people. This percentage funds the foundation’s activities, such as the monthly Market Day that donates vegan meals, purified drinking water, and clothing to those in need. The proceed portion is also a monetary pledge for the foundation’s partnering organizations that conduct environmental and charitable projects.

The real inspiration for DANYELLE is to be a source of positivity the world desperately needs. Whether it be providing clean clothing for an individual, feeding a hungry family or supporting the life-saving surgery for a child via the brand’s foundation collaborations, The (Y) Society makes these incredible opportunities possible.

The DANYELLE brand is merely the gateway to doing good for the world as the brand’s sales bring The (Y) Society to life. The customer is satisfied with a high-quality purchase while another person receives an urgent blessing. The DANYELLE brand is destined to make a difference and truly define what it means to make a distinct influence on the planet and in the lives of its people. 

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