The Wonders of a Wellness Routine

As an ever-active businesswoman, Danielle DiNunzio maintains a wellness routine essential to her everyday life. Without such healthy habits, DiNunzio would not be the dynamic dreamer, creator, or designer she is today. Wellness is a daily responsibility for her as she continuously prioritizes her energy and productivity levels. To help others understand the importance of a regime for everyday wellbeing, DiNunzio wants to share her approach to habitual health practices. Here are 4 insights into the Aussie entrepreneur’s wellness routine. 

The Worth of Wellness

For DiNunzio, wellness involves various components of equal importance. For any wellness routine to be successful, she insists that balance is key. The alignment of mental, physical and spiritual wellness is crucial for DiNunzio. She believes that without one of these elements, all of them will fail and one’s overall wellness will be unsuccessful. To DiNunzio, having a wellness routine in business and life is essential. She chooses to only associate with others in business who also prioritize their wellness so she can be certain of progress while working with them. DiNunzio makes running a part of her wellness routine to enhance her mental alertness, problem-solving skills and creativity. She trains to be mentally sharp for herself and her team.  

Routines Reap Benefits

To jump start her day, DiNunzio cherishes the morning. Avoiding her phone and any business relations until 9 AM, she wakes out of her slumber with a head full of new findings and creative ideas derived from her dreams. DiNunzio seizes the small window between subconsciousness and consciousness as she awakes to capture all her innovative thoughts. She embraces herself and the universe while she thanks God for protecting her during her rest and the sun for showing up again. She then prepares to exercise and energize for the day while instilling her intentions and planned outcomes for what is ahead. After her morning workout, she breaks her fast from food and water for a nutrient-filled breakfast.  

Rewarding Recovery 

As business keeps her busy, DiNunzio ensures she recovers from each day. Her recovery is split into two segments, physical and mental. She physically recovers at the end of her day by stretching, using a massage roller and drinking hot green tea with ginger to reduce inflammation. Mental recovery is addressed throughout her day until she returns home. DiNunzio preserves mental energy by only contributing her thoughts to necessary situations as they arise. She makes certain that problems or difficulties of the present day are not carried over to the next. To finalize her mental recovery, DiNunzio arranges time alone in silence at the end of each day. 

Sustaining Strength

Plant-based eating has elevated DiNunzio’s energy levels. Feelings of sluggishness simply do not exist for her. To keep a high-performance rate throughout her days, she maintains an invigorating fitness schedule, avoids alcohol and remains determined to accomplish her daily agenda. For those combating tiredness during their day, she recommends they avert unhealthy snacks and dress in activewear. If fatigue hits, engage in a feasible 7-minute workout to encourage motivation and boost energy levels.

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