What is slow fashion and what are its benefits

What is slow fashion and what are its benefits?

DANYELLE is a proud participant in the slow fashion movement, which is an ethical, eco-friendly approach to fashion that helps to preserve our planet’s natural resources and support local artisans. 

The principles of slow fashion include: 

  • Using manufacturing processes that respect the environment, animals and people. The DANYELLE difference is defined by our made-to-order production process using locally sourced materials. By not creating excess inventory, we are demonstrating how much we value earth’s precious elements. We embrace a zero-waste manufacturing standard. We have also chosen to help pioneer the use of plant-based cactus leather in the fashion industry as a way to preserve water, limit our reliance on animal products, and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint. 
  • Promoting a sustainable way of living for artists and consumers. DANYELLE pays higher than average wages to local artists and nurtures new talent. We donate 50% of each sale to a charitable foundation, chosen by our customers, to further encourage people to make a positive impact on our world.  
  • Supporting fine craftsmanship that extends the life of the garment. DANYELLE uses high-quality, durable materials and methods to produce items that will be treasured for many years to come. Our shoes and travel accessories will not quickly wear out and end up in a landfill. 
  • Developing fashion with emotional and/or cultural significance so consumers feel long-term connections with each piece. All DANYELLE products are hand-crafted and hand-painted cultural works of art that can become treasured collectors items.

Anyone can participate in the slow fashion movement. Start by reducing your wardrobe waste: Choose quality garments that won’t quickly wear out or go out of style. Avoid synthetic textiles made with chemicals. Shop sustainable brands. Actively support ethical companies that pay decent wages to their workers and care about providing good working conditions.    

Some businesses focus primarily on the profit. At DANYELLE, we believe it’s not the dollar, it’s the difference. We are in business to help make the world a better place. I hope you join us.

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