What you need to know about plant-based leathers

What you need to know about plant-based leathers

If you want to slip on sustainable luxury straight from the runways of Milan, consider plant-based cactus leather. It was chosen for many of DANYELLE’s signature designs because it is soft and durable while also being environmentally friendly. After debuting at Italian fashion houses, Mexican-sourced cactus leather is gaining status among fashionistas worldwide. 

I have pledged to promote the power of plant-based materials. With my industry experience, I understand how quickly fashion can negatively impact the earth. Here is what you will discover about our designs made with plant-based cactus leather: 

  • It feels upscale. Cactus leather is soft, flexible and breathable. It has an elasticity that lends itself to superior comfort.  
  • It is durable. It stands up so well to wear that it also meets the automotive industry’s technical specifications. Expect it to look great 10 years from now! 
  • It supports a clean environment. Cactus leather does not have any toxic chemicals (it is free of phthalates and PVC) and is partially biodegradable. The cactus used to make this plant-based leather also does not require extensive water use. 

To avoid filling landfills and harming sea life by using detrimental waste such as microplastics, I chose to launch DANYELLE as a slow fashion brand that prioritizes the planet and its people.

By creating sustainable items and donating half of my proceeds to those in need, I help preserve the earth and humankind. 

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