Fundaciòn ANDREA 3.21AC

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

safely housed and medically served disabled


Fundaciòn ANDREA 3.21AC is an establishment where disabled children are safely housed and medically served by private doctors to address their medical needs. These children are treated with sincere care and love to provide them with a hopeful chance at life. The foundation supports and educates these children for them to learn, grow, and flourish in the world.

Fundaciòn ANDREA 3.21AC is cherished by Danielle DiNunzio for its efforts toward providing a better future for children with disabilities. The foundation fights against labels and negative standards of those who suffer from Down Syndrome and chronic health problems because of their disability.

With your donation, DANYELLE can help children with intellectual disabilities and physical complications through therapy and medical treatment so they can contribute to society with independence and fulfill their dreams.